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All in all, ReadyBoost is able to optimize Windows 10 and reduce the CPU usage. And using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 drive does not make great difference.

The command “sfc /scannow” is to check the integrity of system files and automatically restore them if they get corrupted. Shirou This is really not a fix… especially if someone DOES NOT WANT to disable OS animations.

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If you replace a SSD for a laptop, please remove the battery before you install the SSD. Start the PC from SSD and reconnect the HDD to PC for system disk format. If you intend to replace HDD with SSD, it’s suggested to use the system migration software – Renee Becca. It just takes three steps to migrate Windows 10 from HDD to SSD with automatic 4K aligned.

I like these tips for when I install on someones slower PC. The main idea behind the trick is to disable unnecessary animations.

Generally, resetting the PC is able to optimize Windows 10 performance. If it still doesn’t work, then you can choose to reinstall system. Besides, to prevent data loss, it’s suggested to backup or transfer important data before you reset the PC or reinstall system.

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  • And you can delete bookmark when they’re not needed any more.
  • To add a bookmark, you need to use the (-a) option along with the Buku command, followed by the URL, tags and comments.
  • Figure 1 illustrates the output in the terminal after the bookmark has been successfully added to the Buku database.
  • Encryption makes sure that only authorised personnel access the bookmarks so that the privacy and integrity of the bookmarks remain pristine.

For more details, please read the page about the instructions of installing SSD and using Renee Becca. The data transfer speed of M.2 interface varies from protocol to protocol. From the chart above, the transmission spedd of M.2 SSD with NVME protocol is much better than that of M.2 SSD with AHCI protocol. If the above methods can’t make your Windows 10 faster,you can choose to reset the PC or reinstall the operating system.

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